Telethon Kids Institute $5,000 Aspire Award

Business Events Perth’s Aspire Awards support Western Australian researchers, academics and professionals to attend an international business event or conference of their choice. For more than two decades, the Aspire Awards have helped Western Australians share knowledge and connect with industry leaders all over the world, highlighting Western Australian expertise at international conferences.

2021 Telethon Kids Institute Aspire Award Winner Dr Jessica Buck

Meet Dr Jessica Buck; child brain cancer researcher, and winner of the 2021 Telethon Kids Institute Aspire Award.

What is the Telethon Kids Institute Aspire Award?

Funded by Business Events Perth, the Telethon Kids Institute and Aspire Award is a $5,000 scholarship presented to a Telethon Kids Institute staff member to assist in their professional development by attending an international conference in their chosen field of endeavour.

What can the $5,000 scholarship be used for?

The scholarship can be used within three years of receiving the Telethon Kids Institute Aspire Award and covers air travel, accommodation and registration to a relevant international conference to a maximum of $5,000 (exclusive of applicable GST). The funds are provided upon receiving paid receipts/invoices for the above mentioned expenses.