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As per your membership benefits, you can submit content for consideration across Business Events Perth’s social media platforms. Please submit the below form and ensure you allow a minimum of ten (10) business days between request and posting date.

Unfortunately, due to the limit of posts per platform, per month, not all requests can be fulfilled and priority of posting is determined by membership rank (and previously booked content). The amount of requests fulfilled will be at Business Events Perth's discretion. Ensure you request well in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Please note, content should be of a corporate/business event manner, such as major refurbishments, new delegate products or refreshed marketing collateral (new photography of the venue/product). Business Events Perth is unable to post content such as company events, offers or promotional items. Please refer to our social media channels for reference.

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Date Requests

All attempts are taken to adhere as close to preferred dates as possible but cannot be guaranteed. Priority is dictated based on membership level. Final posting date will be confirmed by Business Events Perth with approval request.

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Content Information

Please detail all information for your social post. Business Events Perth will align with your organisations tone-of-voice and style as possible, though edits will be applied to comply with Business Events Perth standards.


Social post will be sent for approval up to 48 hours prior to scheduled posting date. Changes will be permittable up to one (1) business day prior to posting.

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For any questions or issues, please contact Aidan Girardi, Membership Manager.