Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC) is thrilled to announce their new partnership with Carbon Positive Australia (CPA) a forward-thinking company dedicated to raising funds for tree planting initiatives.

This collaboration is rooted in a shared commitment to environmental restoration, carbon offsetting, and community well-being.

By engaging CPA, PCEC aims to empower clients with a conscientious and carbon-positive approach to their events, where they will have the opportunity to Donate a Tree or contribute funds towards tree planting.

Since 2001 Carbon Positive Australia has planted over 7.4 million trees, restored 5400 hectares and captured 675,000 tonnes of carbon and counting.

“We are proud to partner with Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, who recognise the importance of environmental responsibility through the sustainable practices they have put in place…”, commented Lauren Purcell, Communications & Partnerships Coordinator, Carbon Positive Australia.

“… this provides an opportunity for Carbon Positive Australia to connect with event organisers and individuals alike to bring awareness to our cause."

"As a nonprofit organisation dedicated to helping restore the Australian environment through native tree planting and ecosystem restoration, partnerships like these help us achieve our mission, and we can only do this when we come together,” she said.

The funds raised will contribute to large-scale tree planting projects, fostering environmental restoration and biodiversity.

Moreover, these initiatives play a crucial role in carbon sequestration, aligning with clients' desire to mitigate the environmental impact of their events.

Beyond environmental benefits, the partnership supports community development, as tree planting initiatives involve local communities, creating jobs and fostering a sense of shared responsibility.

This collaborative effort reflects PCEC's dedication to sustainable practices and offers their clients a meaningful avenue to make a positive impact on the planet while hosting memorable and environmentally responsible events.

"In embracing this exciting relationship, we're pleased to welcome Carbon Positive Australia as a new partner in support of our campaign to reducing our environmental impact," said Kendra Naidoo, General Manager Venue Operations, PCEC

"Their work aligns seamlessly with our sustainability goals, reinforcing our commitment to eco-conscious practices into every facet of our operations.

"Together, we're not just reducing our footprint but enhancing our commitment to sustainability, delivering on a promise of environmental responsibility that echoes the values important to our clients," said Ms. Naidoo. 


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