Conferences are an indispensable part of business. Hosting one could be a vital opportunity that is certain to reap a multitude of benefits for yourself, your organisation, and your research.  

Conferences provide a rare opportunity for key individuals within your field of specialism to come together collaboratively all over the world, in the same place, at the same time. An environment such as this provides the perfect platform to network, form partnerships and exchange knowledge with both peers and people from connected industries with whom you may not have previously connected. A prospect such as this is sure to serve you well both now, and in the future.

Attract global talent

To host a conference is to attract a unique and incredible mix of thinkers, leaders, experts, and emerging talent with an existing predisposition to develop their skills, stimulate industry progress and contribute to important global conversations. Accessing global talent is critical to industry growth and prosperity, and hosting a conference is the optimal opportunity to do so.

Highlight WA's achievements

Western Australia boasts a wide portfolio of world leading industry sectors, spanning across academia, research, government, and business. Hosting your conference in WA allows you to tap into the strengths of our diverse industries, fostering greater connections to key industry experts and wider opportunities for collaboration across several sectors, to inspire knowledge-sharing, trade partnerships, education, investment, and long-lasting legacies.

Improved knowledge and skillset

A strong conference program filled with influential keynote speakers, diverse workshops, inspiring presentations, and alternative perspectives is the perfect opportunity to add value to your existing skillset. Learning from experts via discussion and collaboration, you can share best practice to help your industry function better. Additionally, the rewarding challenge of hosting a conference affords you the rare opportunity to enhance your organisation, management, and communication skills beyond what is already involved in your day-to-day role. Finally, you will be provided with the perfect opportunity to share your research and test your findings in front of an invested and knowledgeable audience. Reaching beyond the confines of your own organisation will ensure outcomes that advance, challenge, and focus your future research activity.

Boost research impact

Hosting a conference is a prime opportunity to enhance your profile and promote your findings by showcasing your research to others in your field and related sectors. Being the host of a conference provides you the enviable and exciting chance to be involved in the development of conference topics, allowing your eyes to be the first to view papers and research whilst they are in their infancy. Your event could help to shape the future direction of your field, with you being attributed as an important part of the history.

Career development

Being on the organising committee of a conference allows you to interact with leading experts in your field. These interactions are the perfect catalyst for strong and meaningful connections, formed over the unique experience of planning and implementing a conference to celebrate the passions and industry that you share.

Raise organisations profile

Hosting a conference holds some fantastic long-term benefits for your organisation. Conferences assist in raising organisations profiles, which in turn awards a greater deal of credibility to research grant applications. Conferences can also be used to scope out future funding opportunities for research projects. An additional benefit lies within the revenue generated by a conference, which can of course be utilised to fund future activities and research undertaken by your organisation.