Aspire Program

Business Events Perth’s Aspire Awards support Western Australian researchers, academics, and professionals to attend an international business event in the interest of professional development. 

For more than two decades, the Aspire Awards have provided Western Australian experts with the opportunity to share knowledge, connect and collaborate with industry leaders at business events all over the globe, highlighting Western Australian expertise on a global platform, and providing opportunities for these events to be held in our State in future years. 

Conferences hosted in Western Australia build the State’s research strengths, the profile of the conference convener and their affiliated national organisation, as well as acting as a front door for trade and investment.

Successful applicants may use their award funds to cover the cost of travel, accommodation, and registration expenses at their chosen conference, exhibition, convention, or seminar.

Meet last years’ winners in the following video:


Business Events Perth partners with a range of research organisations, universities, councils and other not-for-profit organisations around Western Australia to support their staff, members and key experts to attend an international...

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