KP TranslatorsKP International Translators are excited to announce the launch of their new app, InterpretManager™ which will allow users to connect with a professional interpreter in just 60 seconds.

InterpretManager™ is an innovative mixture of modern technology and traditional interpreting methods. KP’s team of enthusiastic language experts, interpreters, translators, administrators and editors have been developing the new app for over 12 months, collaborating with international technology and language teams to bring a fresh new perspective to the language services industry.

KP International Translators began the project after research showed that expenditure on interpreters was costing companies more than it should. They believe that the days of expensive interpreting jobs are gone, where an interpreter must travel three hours for an hour-long appointment, or a company is charged a ridiculous amount to cover irrelevant language costs.

Although traditional face-to-face interpreting will always be available and effective, it is not crucial for tackling language barriers. Sometimes all you need to do is pick up your phone and speak to an interpreter in real time. This is the main point of InterpretManager™. Users choose what language they need, press call, and a certified interpreter will be on the line with 60 seconds, no scheduling required.

Users pay per minute, only for the actual time the interpreter is engaged. The call can be interrupted with costs halted, and then returned to the same interpreter. There are no lock-ins or subscription fees.

KP International Translators are focussing heavily on cost-saving for all companies, according to their director Neil Ford: “We want to give all industries the opportunity to save time and money by providing a service that does the hard work for them.”

There are automated systems available like Google Translate which can help when one or two words need translating, but accuracy is a variable when using an automated option. Inaccurate translation looks unprofessional and can affect a company’s international reputation.

InterpretManager™ also provides access to an online management system connected to the app, which shows a company’s usage and expenditure tracking in real-time, along with detailed usage reports, an advanced optional scheduling system and customised and language-dependent rate plans.

The app and online management system are free to download and compatible with all devices, including landline, mobile, tablet or desktop computer. All accounts include 24/7 support from the KP International Translators team, and each InterpretManager™ call is answered by a qualified interpreter trained and checked by the KP team.

With a simple ‘sign in and set up’ method and access to language services at any time, on any day, in any language, for any situation, perhaps InterpretManager™ is the new-generation way to solving language issues in one convenient tap of a button.

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